Placemat Linen 100% Pink

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size: 18.90 W × 13.70 H × 0.10 L
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Linen 100%
L 13.7"
W 18.9"

Japanese craftsmanship + European machinery All TENJIN linen items are carefully manufactured by skilled Japanese artisans using traditional shuttle looms from Europe. Our artisans value a small lot production and work intricately on the manufacturing and quality-control of each and every item. The specialized shuttle loom prevents damage to the fabric, and maintains the naturally soft texture of linen. Sustainable & eco-friendly Linen fibers are made from the flax plant. Flax grows naturally, and requires far less water and energy than cotton.It takes approximately 6.4 liters of water to make one linen T-shirt, versus the 26 liters of water needed for one cotton shirt. In addition to preserving water, the entire flax plant can be used to make linen, which reduces waste as well. Natural & safe We use linen threads imported from Europe, which are known as the best quality linen fibers in the world. These threads are certified by The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEXÎ and do not contain any toxic substances.

Made in Japan

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