Replacement Cartridge 2pcs/Pack for ACP407, ACP405

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size: 1.90 W × 5.60 H × 1.90 L
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Cartridge: ABS resin 
Filtering medium: Hollow Fiber Membrane (Polyethylene), Ceramic, Activated carbon

Best-seller water purifier in Japan. This is the replacement filter cartridge for ACP407 and ACP405.
Cleansui delivers safe, reliable water through a unique, state of the art, filtration system.Each filter combines the standard activated Carbon method with a Hollow Fiber Membrane that is added to the end of each filter. Cleansui’s revolutionary Hollow Fiber Membrane technology removes fine, invisible particles up to 0.2 micrometers that are present in your water, such as turbidity and cysts.

Made in Japan

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